Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Adopt A Pet From A Pet Store

Every day hundreds of pets are euthanized. When you adopt your pet from a shelter, you are saving a life. At present, over 1000 people are searching online at pet adoption centers across the country for a loveable pet to adopt.

Dogs and cats, as well as, other household pets that are found on pet shelter sites are frequently from a loving home. The unexpected litter of puppies or kittens, the family that had to relocate- but couldn’t take their beloved pet with them. The list of reasons that pets are at shelters is endless.

These pets are typically already house trained and very affectionate. They interact well with other pets and often with children.

Buying a new puppy from a breeder can cost hundreds of dollars if not more and the new owner will have to vaccinate, house train and teach the pet to get along with other pets, kids, and other issues.

Before adopting a pet, it’s important to consider what you’re really looking for. Do you want a pet as a companion, or to help guard the house when you’re gone?

Are you looking for a specific breed of pet or will you settle with the mutt that has an unknown lineage but a great personality to go along with their lovable self?

Do you need a pet that will be low key and great with young children? Or are you seeking someone who is high energy and will love going on your daily run with you?

As you answer these questions, you’ll find that you can quickly narrow down your options. Moreover, a pet shelter takes the time to get to know people as well as pets so they are excellent at helping show people who are interested in adopting a pet the right type of pet for their specific needs.

In a pet store, the goal is to sell the pet for a profit. They don’t take the time to get to know the various pets that are for sale and they don’t give the pets as much one on one time when they are taking care of the pets prior to adoption.

Do you need a cat that is a good mouser and gets along well with the family dog? A pet shelter is going to have this information for you regarding whether or not this cat will do well for your needs.

Maybe you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, the shelter will be able to show you the ideal cat for your needs. You can fill out a questionnaire at the shelter and get to know them and they can help you in finding the perfect pet.

The more detailed you can be, the better the chances of the shelter being able to connect you with the right pet.

Another great benefit to a pet shelter is that you can tell them what type of pet you’re looking for, and when the right pet comes along they can give you a call.

If you’re looking for a specific breed, specific color, specific size of pet, they can note all of this and you’ll have the first option on these types of pets when they arrive at the shelter.

Pets in pet shops are on a first come, first served basis and you may not find one that you really like. Worse, you may find the ideal pet and come back to find it gone. At a shelter, you have a much better chance of taking your time to get to know a pet.

In fact, many shelters give you some one on one time with the pet at the shelter so that you can get to know the pet. You may even be able to take the pet for a “test drive” and take it home for a few days to see how things go before you make a full commitment to buying the pet.

It’s better to find out before you commit to the purchase that this isn’t the pet for you than it is to wind up with a pet that you can’t return and you’re stuck with.

Forming a bond with a pet is an important step in developing the right relationship with your new pet. If you can’t form a bond for whatever reason, you’ll want to move on to your next option with no obligation.

Pets in shelters are also given a complete medical work up, vaccinations and spayed or neutered prior to being available for adoption. This is an important step in helping to control the pet population and in helping to prevent pet illnesses that may be fatal to your other pets.

When you and your family decide that you want a new pet. Consider your options and create a list of important qualities for your new pet. Then go to the nearest pet shelter and talk to them about what you’re looking for.

Pet shelters give pets and pet parents more individualized attention and will help you to find the pet of your dreams. Taking a pet that is from a breeder or pet store is a risk that many of us aren’t willing to take.

You may find yourself stuck with a pet that doesn’t meet any of your needs or desires in a pet. By choosing a pet at a pet shelter, you’re not only saving a pet’s life, you’re also helping to reduce the overpopulation of pets in your community and you’ll find that you are getting a far superior pet.

When  your pet shelter adopts out a pet you’re supporting a community endeavor that will help to improve the conditions at the shelter, in the community and for yourself.

There are pet shelters available in nearly every community and you’ll be able to help your community and focus on what sort of pet works best for you and your family’s needs for a pet.