Puppy Adoption Done Right! A lot of people think that they can go with any puppy adoption service and it’s okay. This is actually not true, because a lot of people run puppy mills that should not be supported. Why is that the case and where else can you find a puppy?

A puppy mill is a place where people breed dogs to make money. When you are paying these people you are supporting them adding to the pet population instead of helping to control it by buying pets that people don’t want. If you think about it, making dogs breed for money is just adding to the suffering of the ones that have nobody. People abandon and abuse pets that would love a home with you. Sometimes people pass away and there are puppies they left behind that could use a home, too.

Pets are easy to find through the internet from people that just had puppies they can’t take care of. If they had a pet that had them and they aren’t selling them for much, chances are they just can’t afford to take care of them instead of them running a business of some kind. Another way to tell if you’re getting something from people that breed specifically for profit is if they have a few breeds of dogs that are uncommon in your area. If you hear that they have 3 different types and multiples of each then it’s clear that it’s a puppy mill.

Companies that are making money off of dogs are not known for keeping the places they store them in sanitary. There may be pest problems and other issues that nobody really cares about because it costs them money to. Anyone that puts profits over lives of animals is not a good person to work with when you want a loving pet. While you can train what you get to be a nice dog, it could be more challenging if they were born into a building that nobody cared for it in much.

Did you know that every year, there are millions of puppies that die in shelters in the USA? About 3 million are killed a year because they have no homes, and over 2 million are from a puppy mill. That means that people are just ignoring perfectly good animals in favor of these companies that care very little about them. If you are able to adopt from a shelter, you really should go that route. Look online at the pictures of dogs in your local area and remember that if they don’t find a home they may have to be euthanized.

Breeders that use their home as their business are out there, as well, and they are not always different from the big puppy mills. These backyard breeders tend to make female dogs have puppies until they can’t any longer and they sell as many dogs as possible. If you are not careful, you could be supporting people financially instead of helping dogs that are in need of help because they are in a shelter. While it may be easier to get the type of dog you want from this kind of person, if you want to save lives it’s really important that you don’t work with them.

Health problems are far more likely to happen to animals that are in puppy mills. They have to sit all day in filthy conditions because they are not cared for all that much or sometimes not at all. The people running the business are not going to care if puppies are born that have medical conditions that are dangerous and quickly kill them after you buy the puppy. There are plenty of ways that the health of a dog could be compromised by the lack of care that you find when you look at these kinds of sellers.

It may not seem like it, but puppies that are taken away from their mothers too soon and that are not taken care of very well are going to have behavioral problems. Think about if someone were to keep a human child in a cage without much more than a little food and water that’s not even clean. People would be furious about that because it would lead to that child not having a good future and could lead to death. Why should people let puppies go through the same thing if they can help it?

There is actually no excuse when it comes to wanting a pet to not save one from certain death. Even people that are just trying to get rid of a dog they can’t take care of are better to work with than mills. Consider that when someone doesn’t want a puppy, if they can’t get someone to come get it, they will probably have to take it to a shelter where it could be faced with death. You don’t want to be responsible for this and it’s also nice to know that you helped instead of contributed to the overall problem.

How will you know that a puppy mill is going to even be giving you a good deal? They want to make money, and so they don’t care if you get a sick or injured puppy. They may be masking serious problems and just lying to get you to pay them for what they have. Then, when you get the puppy home and something happens, you can’t really have them do anything about it. With shelter animals, they are at least well taken care of and get to see vets if they are having any serious issues so they can get better.

Look to a shelter or private parties that are not running puppy mills if you want to do the right thing. You now know why this is the best idea. There are so many dogs and puppies in the world that aren’t being cared for and chances are there are a lot of them in your city right now.