Pet Sitting

Hiring a Pet Sitters to look after our pet(s) while we’re away from home is something we, as pet owners, have had to deal with from the moment we let our beloved pets into our hearts.

Pet Sitting involves hiring someone to come into a pet’s home in order to provide care and attention to the pet.  Unlike boarders and doggie daycares, pet sitting provides several key advantages that make the whole experience a lot more pleasant, both for our pets, and ourselves.

Pets by and large are territorial and don’t do particularly well when forced to physically move out of their comfort zone into other premises.  They are happier, less stressed at home and pet sitting enables them to stay in their familiar environment.

Pet Sitting

Meet and Greet

Pet sitting is a highly personalized service that must be the right fit between the pet owner, his or her pets and the pet sitter. It is important that there is a connection between all parties and as a general rule, pet sitters like to conduct Meet and Greet visits so that everyone can get to know one another better. Some pet sitters consider these initial meetings as a vital part of their selection process without which they might wish to proceed. Phone interviews are usually a very good first step but a face to face meeting will generally need to take place.

What to Expect from a Pet Sitter?

We strongly encourage our pet sitting professionals to be bonded and insured. On every visit pet owners can expect a variety of well-defined services that will go a long way in bringing them peace of mind and remove some of the anxiety of leaving a loved one behind.

The main task of pet sitters is to insured that your pets feel comfortable at all times.  The following is a list of some of the services pet sitters often provide:

  • Pet feeding & water change
  • Plenty of love & playtime
  • Administering medications
  • Walks if approved in advance
  • Poop scoop and/or Litter scoop
  • Light alternation in your home
    Brushing / Combing your pets
  • Mail and/or newspaper pick-up
  • Garbage to curb service

A visit to a pet’s home will include plenty of love and playtime. Professional pet sitters will feed, medicate and take care of your pets competently and efficiently.

What you should do next?

Now that you have decided to hire a pet sitter, the next step would be to check the list of existing pet sitters who advertise their services on our website. Please note that we act as an advertising platform and as such do not intervene between pet owners and the pet sitters they need to hire. We are extremely careful in the vetting process before allowing an advertiser to feature his or her pet care business on our website, but it is important to remember that advertisers here are independent professionals.  As such any agreement you enter would be strictly between you and the pet sitter. There are pet sitters all the over the world.  If you are looking for a pet sitter in Miami for example, all you have to consult the pet sitters on our website and contact them directly.