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What an extraordinary bunch Miami Pet Sitters really are. They work in paradise, enjoy a coastline that millions of people around the world pay a fortune ever year to come visit but they also work in a part of the world upon which nature, sometimes, can unleash its full fury. Hurricane for examples… some of natures’ most violent and destructive forces… They come and go, sometimes more than once in one particular calendar year like in 2017 for example. But in times of needs, people often times show the kind of solidarity and support that makes it all worthwhile. This is exactly what happened in 2017 when some intrepid pet sitters went beyond the lines of duties to help pet owners in distress.

Pet Owners: Are you in need of a dependable pet sitter to take care of your pet in Miami, FL?

Pet Sitters: Do you offer pet sitting services and wished you could showcase your expertise to pet owners directly? Without having to share your income with a third party?

If you live in Miami, you know that the demand for Miami pet sitters is very high and pet owners are always looking for pet sitters they can trust. Of course, pet sit specialized websites have been around for some time, but the modus operandi for these portals is to always act as the in the between party between pet sitters and their potential customers.

The reason they do this is very simple: as booking agents, they get to control everything, and decide how much money they pay their pet sitters for their work. In other words, not all the money pet owners pay gets to those who have provided the petting services they have enjoyed and if you are a pet sitter yourself, you know how that feels.

Cutting the middle man

We think there is a better way. Pet Love is an advertising platform which aims to put in touch pet owners with pet sitters directly.  We pay our bills by collecting a monthly advertising fee for ads posted by pet sitters on our site. Because pet owners and pet sitters who find each other on our site get to talk to one another directly, any transaction that they agree upon takes place between themselves exclusively.  That means we don’t get involved.  Pet owners pay the pet sitters they select directly.

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Miami Pet Sitters

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Like in most cities, life in Miami, FL can be hectic from time to time. For an increasing number of people, juggling our lives and finding a balance between work, family and leisure can be difficult. Navigating a tight schedule, dropping and picking kids to and school, taking care of homework, taking the kids to their sports activities, all these and more combine to make life in Miami more hectic. But there’s good news. Miami Pet Sitters!

We can help put your mind at ease by enabling you to find pet sitting services you can trust. Based in Miami, our Miami pet sitters are local and independent professionals who advertise their expertise on

Now is a good time to grow your pet sitting business. Whether you are a pet sitter in Miami or any where else, by advertising your services on our website, you will gain affordable exposure to pet owners interested in hiring someone just like you.  And the best thing is that you get to keep 100 pc of any money paid to you by the pet parents we send you.  That’s right: you don’t pay us a dime.  Just the modical advertising fee of $14.99 per month.

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