Pet Insurance Analysis

As a pet sitter service provider, it is important that you structure your pet business in a way that protect both yourself and your customers.

A review of pet insurances options and companies in the USA and Canada.

Making sure your pet is healthy and happy is part and parcel of the responsibilities of any pet owner. As such it is important to consider that when our non human family members do become ill, a trip to the veterinarian may prove to be a costly experience.  There are 3 ways to prepare yourself for such an eventuality:

  1. Do nothing and hope for the best
  2. Put money aside
  3. Get a pet insurance

The cost of treating an animal can range from less than $100 for a simple visit to thousands of dollars should surgery be needed.  When you add the cost of medication, treatment for a chronic condition and other such unforeseen expenses, the medical bill a pet owner might have to deal with can quickly be unmanageable.

So unmanageable in fact that often times a surgery that might save a pet is discarded simply because of the costs involved!

An adequate pet insurance can solve all that and put your mind at peace. By giving yourself the opportunity to sign up for pet insurance, you’ll have everything that you need to handle anything from routine checkups to pet surgeries without having to break the bank.

Want to sign up? Here we have compiled a list of the 3 top pet insurance companies for you to chose from. Like most insurance, it is important that you shop around and find the coverage that works for you.

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A Glimpse At Some Of The Pet Insurance Options Available To You:

#1: Healthy Paws:

Highly rated by the Canine Journal, Healthy Paws pet insurance is an excellent option. In fact, when it comes to customer reviews, people have stated that this one is top notch when compared to some of the competitors on the market. One of the main benefits of this pet insurance plan is that there are no caps. There are a number of deductible levels that you can choose from, including $100, $250 and $500. In addition to these deductible options, you have a number of percentage options, including 70%, 80% and 90%. The plan does not cap any part of the benefits, be it on incident or lifetime basis. You also do not have to worry about any source of annual limits as you would with other sorts of healthcare plans.

While this plan features a lot of different nuts and bolts logistics, it is the customer service where the rubber truly meets the road. People who have used these benefits claim that this health care plan has some of the best customer service representatives possible. You will be able to get coverage for hereditary issues, such as hip dysplasia. Among the best things about this plan is the fact that the premiums are very low and affordable. This, along with the fact that there are no claim limits make this health care plan a winner for people looking for any sort of pet health care plan on the market. Depending on when you sign up, you might also be able to take advantage of some discounts and promotions as you register for a plan.

To contact healthypaws Pet Insurance & Foundation, CLICK HERE.

#2: Pet Plan:

When it comes to pet insurance plans, Pet Plan is definitely among the top pet insurance provides in the USA.  Perplan is also the sister of Petplan UK, perhaps one the world largest and oldest provider with over 40 years experience in taking care of our pets. . The main benefit of this particular health insurance plan is the fact that it is fully and completely customizable. There are no limits in place and this allows you to get everything that you need. This will allow you to match the plan up with any sort of budget that you have in place. For example, you can choose annual deductibles that range between $100 and $2500. In terms of coverage, you can also choose anywhere between $2500 and unlimited plans.

Petplan enjoys the stability and strength of the A+ S&P rated XL Specialty Insurance Company, as their underwriting partner. Commonly used by animal shelters and humane societies this provider also boasts customer service reviews that give it a thumbs up. One of the best things about this plan is that they have a 24-hour customer service line and you can also chat with an actual person via the app or web platform. What you see is what you get with the policy and there are no mysteries or fine print that you will be confused by. Another great benefit is that you do not have to worry about any kinds of age limits or restrictions when dealing with your pet care plan.

To contact Petplan Pet Insurance, CLICK HERE.

#3: Pets Best:

Another popular pet care plan this one feature a 9.4 out of 10 in customer reviews. If you do not need routine healthcare, you can choose an emergency room only option which will be useful in saving a tremendous amount of money. You can set with a person on the phone and customer service were also have customer questions answered via email or fax. A major benefit of these plans is the fact that you will get speedy claim payouts which are useful to you and which give you the coverage that you are looking for.

To contact PetsBest Pet Health Insurance, CLICK HERE.

How to sign up for a pet insurance plan:

As previously mentioned, in addition to paying the three companies featured in this review, make sure you do your homework by spending some time on a cost and compare analysis of the many insurance companies out there who offer pet coverage policies.

The benefits of having pet insurance

Of course, a better question should really be why you cannot afford NOT to have a pet insurance and Mary, the owner of and Labrador dog has the reason why:

“Over the past few months, Dixie, our 12 year old female Labrador start to limp when walking.  We had already seen a decrease in the intensity of her activities, (she had always been a very active dog, and loved to run), but she had never limped before. We thought whatever it was would pass quickly and she would soon be her old self again, but if anything, her limping became even worse. We finally took her to the vet who told us that she needed a hip replacement. We didn’t have insurance for her so we ended up paying the $3700 the surgery ended up costing.  We were going to go on vacation that year and didn’t. After that, getting pet insurance for our Dixie was an easy choice to make.”

Did you know that there are over 75 million dogs and 85 million cats living in the USA alone? (According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2011–2012 National Pet Owners Survey.)

On average pet owners spend  between $200 and $300 a year on routine veterinarian visits. But what happens if a dog needs a hip replacement. Or has inflammatory bowel disease that requires transfusions, or a cat is diagnosed with diabetes?

And what about the unexpected?  The dog just swallowed that golf ball that was laying around. Or breaks a limb? Are you prepared financially to cover the costs associated with the treatments of these unexpected situations?

Here are some examples of medical care costs

  • Gastric torsion (bloat), $1,955
  • Foreign-body ingestion (small intestine), $1,629
  • Pin in broken limb, $1,000
  • Cataract (senior dog), $1,244.

These are serious numbers and don’t even cover the cost of more serious surgeries. The question all pet owners must ask themselves is an easy one:

  • If uninsured, how are they going to pay for it.
  • Can they afford NOT to have a pet insurance

Paying a monthly insurance premium of anywhere between $20 and $60 might seem a lot to cover the medial expenditure that may or may not be needed. Not so much though if a time comes when a pet owner is presented with a vet’s bill of thousands of dollars!

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