Improve Dog Walking

Turn dog walking into an art

Dog walking is essential for improving the health of the dogs. If you think that only hiring professional walkers is enough, then you are wrong. The walkers should follow the best strategies that can improve the walking pace and skills of any pet dog. These kinds of expert professionals are mainly hired only after fixing up specific dog walking rates.

Best tips for improving dog’s walk

Dog walking is an important contributing factor to a dog’s health.  The beautiful thing about this fact is that by taking your dogs out for regular walks is also beneficial for the dog walker. It’s a win-win situation.  Here are some points to remember:

  • Frontclip harness: These harnesses can be used by dog walkers for preventing constant pulling on leashes by dogs. If you go into any local pet-store, then you will get to know that there are more than 10 harness options currently out of which you have to choose the right one as per the need of your dogs. These harnesses are now treated as one of the best investments by dog-owners as the dogs’ walk can be effectively controlled by means of the same. Dogs can now walk freely and comfortably with these harnesses.
  • Allow dogs sniffing around: This is the best procedure that can help in stimulating dogs and this stimulation makes the walking process smooth. The dogs will enjoy the walk thoroughly. In this way, the dogs will feel independent and will get pampered by the owners. The dogs can now get an absolutely pleasant walking experience by sniffing around in the neighborhood. The sniffing habit of your dog will help in getting a fair idea about the neighborhood and the dogs will also get a good amount of energy in initiating the walking process.

Do not use retractable leashes:

Unnecessary hassles might get faced by dogs with retractable leashes at the time of walking and thus they need to be completely avoided. The dogs cannot be properly controlled due to shortest leash-length.
The dogs will also feel greater discomfort with these leashes and thus they could not concentrate on walking properly. Dog injuries can be easily avoided and dogs can move freely with traditional leashes.
Dogs will find difficulty in walking at highly trafficking locations with retractable leashes and thus you should not make your dogs wear the same rather you should look for the most flexible option having proper length.
  • Using poop-bags: Walking dog often releases poops and you should collect them within poop-bags for maintaining a clean and hygienic neighborhood. These bags can be collected with ease from pet stores. In fact, your dogs can also be maintained in quite a tidy condition by collecting or picking-up dog’s poops in these specialized bags. Dogs’ poops contain different harmful bacteria that can create unwanted health hassles and thus they should be disposed and cleaned properly.
  • Giving abundant water to dogs: During the summer seasons, dogs often get very tired while covering long distances and thus you should carry water with yourself so that you can provide the same to your dogs. Water will make your dogs energetic and they will never feel tired or exhausted while walking. In fact, it is one of the main duties of any dog walker to carry abundant water for the dogs. Dog backpack can be used for carrying different essential accessories or stuffs for your dogs. Specialized water-bottles are now getting used so that dogs can have water easily.
  • Hot sun should be essentially avoided and thus you can take your dogs for walking during early mornings or evening times.
  • Maintaining dogs’ focus: If you want to make your dogs focussed, then nothing can be the best option other than feeding them best-quality treats. In fact, this particular strategy is treated as one of the most important dog walking services of the era. DIY treats are to be chosen in this regard like veggies, fruits, nuts and other organic foods. The foods should have good tastes and the only the dogs will enjoy having them at the time of walking. Chopped meats can also drag dogs’ attention, especially when they are very hungry.
  • Wearing reflective gears: If you are taking your dogs during evening times, then wearing reflective gears is needed so that crap vision can be avoided. If you can clearly see the road ahead, then only you will be able to take your dogs. Leash combo or reflective collars can be worn by the dogs for a comfortable walk, especially during evenings.
  • Proper dog-identification: If your dogs do not have any proper identity-card, in that case they might get lost and you will never get them back. Since the dogs cannot express the names or identity of their masters, therefore it is very necessary installing identity cards. These cars will cater a clear view regarding the identity of the dogs and thus lost dogs can be easily taken to their masters without any confusion. Sometimes, GPS devices are being installed with the microchip system so that the dogs can be easily traced. You will be able to detect the actual location of your dog without any hindrances or inconveniences.

Avoiding hot pavements: During summers, the pavement becomes very much heated up and thus the dogs find difficulty in walking on those heated spaces as a result of which walking process gets interrupted. This is the reason woods, grass or parks are chosen as the ideal locations for walking.

  • Friendly attitude: If you are willing to take your dogs to walk, then you should behave with them in quite a friendly manner so that they can get encouraged. You can play with your dogs for some time and then can take them for long walks either in the evenings or at mornings. Dogs are not always in a mood for a walk and thus you have to take personal initiative in making up the mood.
  • Dogs should rest: Only active and energetic dogs can attend walking sessions for long hours. Thus, they should take enough rest throughout the day so that they can walk long distances without any physical issues. You have to create a schedule for fixing-up the sleeping-times or resting hours of your dogs.