Why Pet Sitters Should Be Bonded And Insured

All professional pet sitters should be insured and bonded.

As a pet sitter, you may find yourself in many situations where you might have to deal with an emergency whilst taking care of the pets who’s safety and well being you have been entrusted. And if an emergency does take place, not only will you be expected to protect the owner’s pets, but you might also be required to take step to ensure that you have a contingency plan for their home, like calling 911 to signal any emergency.

Let’s be clear: Pet Sitting as a business is a great way to earn a living, (whether you do this part time of full time), but it is vital that you do avail yourself of all the legal protection available to you out there. Like being bonded and insured! Picture the worse case scenario where something serious goes wrong and you’re to blame.

So, when you set your business up, make sure to include a bond and insurance. That way, you’re not held liable for anything that can or may go wrong.

Thus, if the dog that you’re pet sitting has a huge accident (even though the owners assure you that said pet has never before had an accident) you won’t be in any serious trouble financially. That could ruin your business.

Here are many reasons why you should be bonded and insured.  Here are just a few:

  1. If you fall while you’re at the owner’s house and are caring for their pet you’ll have your medical covered.
  2. If their cat, who has “never bitten anyone before” suddenly turns and bites you, you’re covered. This is important for your health. Not all homeowners insurance policies will cover the injury if their pet bites someone. This can save you a lot of money as the pet sitter and in the long run, it can help the owner out as well.
  3. If their dog bites someone when you are out walking him (part of your job as a pet sitter), an adequate insurance will protect you.
  4. If a house gets flooded due to actions you take, like forgetting to turn the faucet off  for example, insurance coverage  and you won’t be charged with negligence.
  5. If the pet you’re caring for is injured, you can take it to the veterinarian without fear. Many pets are more challenging when the owner is out of town and sometimes they will bite, injure themselves trying to hide or get away and require medical attention.One of our pet sitter had to rush a dog to the veterinarian when the dog she was walking swallowed a child’s ball at the park. The dog required emergency surgery. Her insurance provided her the peace of mind she needed to take care of this emergency without running the risk of a potential legal situation directed at her.

Smart Practices for your Pet Sitting Business

As a business owner, it’s wise to have insurance and be prepared to show the credentials when accepting a new client. In fact, it’s wise to have some paperwork for the new client to sign and have this documentation included in the paperwork.

That way the client knows that the sitter has a license and is bonded and insured. This also shows that the pet sitter is a responsible business owner that wants to do things the right way.

Being properly licensed, bonded and insured can help to create more trust between the client and the pet sitter. Clients want a person that takes their business seriously.

It’s not just a pet that the pet sitter is tending to and walking, it’s an extension of the family. Clients want their family to be well taken care of so they are much more likely to hire a sitter who shows that he or she is responsible enough to be bonded and have pet liability insurance as opposed to someone who is not.

As a pet sitter, you’re responsible for caring for the client’s pet while they are away. This may require some quick thinking, having to make quick but informed decisions in order to ensure the safety of the pet. It also means that the pet sitter is knowledgeable about pet care and will be responsible enough to get the pet medical attention if required.

Pet sitting is a full-time business for many people and they actually make a living by doing pet sitting. This should mean that they treat this as a regular business and are responsible enough to get the proper insurance and bonds so that their business is seen as a legitimate business where they can build a rapport with the clients.

Now that you understand why pet sitters should be bonded and insured you can put this in place for your pet sitting business. It will show that you’re trustworthy and that you as a pet sitter are responsible.

As a responsible business owner, you’ll get more respect and more business and be able to build up your clientele. Pet sitting is a bond of trust between clients, pets and the pet sitter. You don’t want any liabilities that will ruin your business.

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