For Dog Walkers

Dog Walking – Getting paid to exercise

If you love dogs, enjoy the outdoor, love to run, walk and have fun, then offering a dog walking services is just plain, old fashioned and good business. Dog walking is ideal if you are looking to earn some extra cash, either as a part time income or in addition to your pet care or pet sitting business.

Just imagine the possibilities.  There are over 80 million dogs in the USA.  How many of them could you offer a dog-walking services to?

Things to remember:

Do you need business license? State (or federal) laws may require you to have a special permit to offer a dog walking service. Make sure to check this issue when you structure your business.

Are you intending to do this part time or full time? Walking other people’s dogs and earning an income while doing is a very popular and worthwhile business. People all over the place are already offering this service to their local customers and finding for themselves how profitable this can be.  Whether you just want to earn some extra income while taking your daily walks or want to do this full time, you’ll probably want to make a business plan and lay down your goals, aspirations and the very first step you’ll want to take is to advertise your dog walking service on this website.

How much will you charge? This is a personal issue and one which we, at do not control.  You decide what’s best for you.  As a general rule, we recommend you to check some of your competitors prices and decide based on that information.

Finding clients: We’ve touched on this briefly above, but an excellent place is to advertise your services on this very website. 

Be reliable and trustworthy: We recommend that avail yourself of a pet insurance policy in order to cover yourself.  A pet insurance policy is affordable and offers peace of mind. As a business person, it is important that you offer a reliable and dependable service to your customers.  Make sure you’re available to go to each of your appointment. In  extraordinary circumstances are such that you might not be able to honor your commitment, make sure you give the pet owner ample notice so that he or she might find a suitable replacement.