Pet Sitting Business

Pet sitting business: An Opportunity! Proficient Pet Sitting - A Career For You? Have you at any point worked for an extensive organization where you felt 'stuck in a corner,' baffled or shaky? Would you preferably work with creatures than individuals? Will you...

How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogs?

Heat stroke happens When your pet's inner temperature turns out to be hazardously high, by and large around 106 degrees F. It can be expected to being secured a hot auto, or to over-practicing in a hot and additionally damp condition. In any case, it prompts a course...

Tips On How To Keep Your Pet Healthy

Dog waking is one of the best fitness secrets of pet dogs. You can also consider the same as the best aspect or part of dog training and grooming. To be more precise, if you want to maintain good health of your dogs in the long run, then walking practice should be...

Want To Adopt A Pet From A Pet Store? Don’t Do It!

Why It's Not A Good Idea To Adopt A Pet From A Pet Store Every day hundreds of pets are euthanized. When you adopt your pet from a shelter, you are saving a life. At present, over 1000 people are searching online at pet adoption centers across the country for a...

Puppy Adoption – Stay Away From Puppy Mills

Puppy Adoption Done Right! A lot of people think that they can go with any puppy adoption service and it's okay. This is actually not true, because a lot of people run puppy mills that should not be supported. Why is that the case and where else can you find a puppy?...

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Note: We do not have a storefront. Our member sitters come to you, or you may go to any sitting facility of members who offer kennel services, dog stays and more. provides pet sitters with a platform from which they can advertise their pet sitting businesses. If you offer dog walking, pet sitting, home dog boarding, and more we want to hear from you.