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Planning a vacation? Do you need reliable pet sitting help? Pet Love is the world friendliest place to find professional and independent Pet Sitter.

Services offered: Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi Service, Dog Sitting, Dog Walks, Feed & Water, Scoop Litter and so much more.

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Need a Pet Sitter or a Pet Sitting job? We help pet owners and pet sitters (or any other pet care providers) get in touch with one another.

The difference between and other pet sitting websites is that all the pet care professionals on our site are INDEPENDENT entrepreneurs who want to grow their own pet sitting business. By advertising on this site, they do away with booking agencies, which in turn means they can pass these savings to their customers.

Their services include pet sitting, dog walking, grooming & boarding services and many more. Whether you have a dog, cat, fish or something more exotic they can help care for them when you can’t. Dog walkers, cat sitters, kennels, doggy daycares, pet grooming, dog sitters, you name it, if you are a reliable, insured and bonded pet care professional with an impeccable reputation, we encourage you to advertise your services here.

Looking for a Pet Sitter?

We put you in touch with dedicated pet lovers who offer pet sitting services

If you are the owner of a pet and you need to be out of town for a while, then you’ll have probably asked yourself the following:

What do I do with Callie? Or Dixie?

Whether you own, love and care for a cat, a dog, or any other pet, going away from home for a few days can be tricky. Who is going to care for your pets while you’re away?

If you have friends and or family members whom you can call upon to step in while you’re away, then you’re ok. But what if you are not?

As pet owners ourselves, we have intimate knowledge of pet sitting and we use the power of the internet to connect pet owners and pet sitters with one another.

Are you a Pet Sitter?

We put you in touch with pet owners who need your services

You love pets. And you like the idea of earning some extra income doing something that you love. We have the solution for you! Offer pet sitting services to our members.

Pet owners everywhere are always looking for reliable people whom they can entrust their pet’s care to.

As a vetted member of our community, you would have the opportunity of being seen by pet owners who need you to look after their pets.

What makes us different from any other type of website is that you would be working entirely independently from us, earning 100% of the fees you charge your clients. That’s correct: any pet sitting service you provide is an exclusive, independent transaction between you and the pet owner. You don’t pay us anything from the fees you receive!

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Are You A Pet Owner

Pet Sitting

Hiring a Pet Sitter to look after our pets when we’re away from home is something we, as pet owners, often have to deal with.

Pet Sitting involves hiring someone to come into our home in order to provide care and attention to our pet. Unlike boarders and doggie day cares, pet sitting provides several key advantages that make the whole experience a lot more pleasant, both for our pets, and ourselves.

Pets are territorial and don’t do particularly well when forced to move out of their comfort zone. Staying at home makes them happier and pet sitting enables them to deal with the stress of their human parent absence a lot easier.

Dog Walking

No matter the size, dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy and agile, to burn off excess energy and to keep mentally stimulated.

We know how busy life can get and when our fury friends’ parents are unable to walk their dogs, our members act as surrogates so that our four legged friends get the physical activity that they need.

If you are looking for a reliable person to walk your beloved pooch, then look no further. is the ultimate portal for the pet world and our members are here when you need a hand walking your loved dog.

Pet Care

Being the parent of a pet can be the source of endless joy for any pet loving family. Given the chance, most pet owners will talk passionately about how their pets have changed their life for better.

Beyond the sheer pleasure our non human companions give us, some go a step further by providing us with mental and physical health benefits.

While owning an an animal can be all of the above, it is important to remember that our pets need to be taken off.

Pet Care includes vaccination, grooming, training, nutrition, pet insurance, pet safety.

Are You a Pet Sitter

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Why You Should Advertise Your Pet Sitting Business With Us

If you have visited other pet sitter websites then you’ve probably seen it already. Claims like this one:

Need a Pet sitter or Pet sitting job? Our website connects your furry family members with a massive community of pet lovers, offering pet sitting, dog walking, grooming & boarding services. Whether you have a dog, cat, fish or something more exotic we can help you find someone to help care for them when you can’t. Dog walkers, cat sitters, kennels, doggy daycares, pet grooming, dog sitters- you name it we’ve got it.

Sounds great doesn’t it. Well yes, until you decide to contact a web sitter directly in which case in which case you see something like this where you see the email address and the phone number of the pet sitter of your choice are only partially shown.

There’s a very good reason why they don’t want you to contact pet sitters directly. They want all transactions to go through them so that they can make more money on the back of pet sitters.

If you want to hire local professionals in your neighborhood and help them grow their businesses and as a result the community you live in, then why not contact them directly! You can do this through this website.

What If You're Already Listed As a Pet Sitter Elsewhere

It may be that you are listed as pet care provider on a different website. Does that mean that you should not increase your exposure by advertising your services with us?

Here are some reasons why you should

We do not take a commission on any deal you make with pet owners who find you through our site.

You deal with pet owners directly.

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If you are pet care professional who wants to advertise your services on our site, please register as an independent petlove service provider and submit your ad so that pet owners may contact you directly. Right now we’re offering a 3 month trial period for the following areas.

Whether you need a pet sitter or a dog walker, is the place to be. Lots of pet owners depend on reliable and honest professionals who provide pet sitting, dog walking or any other type of pet care services. Below are some of the things you need to consider:

Pet sitters, keep all your earnings and grow your business even more by advertising your services on our site.

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